Perfect Kentucky Derby Dressing Code Guide

In the United States, a festival for horse racing called Kentucky Derby is hosted annually. This Kentucky Derby is a festival that does not take few days as may be thought since it takes a minimum of two weeks. The number people who attend to this festival increase gradually and now it is attended by over 150000 people. How people dress for this festival is very important. Attending this event, you will have to enjoy most. Make sure you set plans that will enable you to remember the times this event is held. Here is a perfect guide for dressing for Kentucky Derby festival.

As a man, you need a dressing code that makes you stand out and respected. For this reason, going for seersucker can be the best option for the beautiful look that as a man you may wish to. Men nowadays don’t only stick to suits and tie as their fashion. Also, pairing with either a brightly coloured or patterned jacket with solid pants can make you conspicuous in the festival. For an additional perfect look, you can decide to loom for a matching hat. At the foot, you can choose to have brightly coloured loafers for a match.

Women hats are no doubts and among the must-have, for women to be allowed entry into the Kentucky Derby Festival. When choosing for the dressing option, a woman is advised to start with the hat. Choose the hats that you like the styles. Try to perfect on your dressing code to be presentable. For furtherment, you can as well try sculptural fascinator, a headband spray of feathers and also an oversized flower that can serve better. It is going to be good when your appearance is appealing and fashionable in a Kentucky Derby festival.

Women will be required to dress from up to bottom when dressing for Kentucky Derby festival. After the right hat selection, a matching skirt follows. A traditional solid-coloured hat will fit well with a bright coloured dress. Also, the event takes the whole day, and therefore fitting shoes are good. For you to ensure this is effective, you can decide to pack a pair of flats to change into later in the cause of the festival.

This is a very important article for when you want to have an appealing look when attending a Kentucky Derby festival. A fitting dressing code for you need to be your choice out of the many that exists.

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