Benefits of Disney VIP Tour Packages

When planning to visit the Disney park, you need to think along the lines of the Disney World VIP tour. The your package can carry up to 10 visitors, with a tour guide provided for the duration of the visit. You can also ask for a customized package that considers your preferences in terms of the attractions, to ensure you have the best time.
A tour normally goes for up to 600 dollars an hour, without the park ticket costs. You can ensure you do not incur high costs in the package by planning in advance, and by pooling together to split the cost. There are tours offered by the Disney Corporation directly, and there are tours you get from third party companies. If you wish to save costs further, you can go for the latter options.
There are benefits you get from going for that package.
You are better off choosing this option when your time is not so much. Your guide will tell you which rides are the best for your attention, and so you get to avoid the long queues that go with standard packages. You will also enjoy the fact that the VIP packages allows you the same speedy passages that the staff utilize. It is how you end up saving even more time.
You also get to skip the line. There is the allowance for you to use the FastPass line in a VIP tour. The line remains open to you for however many times you wish to use it. The speed on those lines remains faster than what you can get from the other ones.
You also get to go behind the scenes. You not only get to move faster through the park, you will also experience the tour on a higher level. You get to experience the characters up close, and see what they do to make the park come alive.
You also get to enjoy a VIP treatment. It goes without saying that how the staff handle you will not be the same as other packages. You, for example, will be treated to cool water when it gets hot. They also keep an eye out for your belonging as you move about, should you lose them. You also get reservations for seats when you need to watch some performance.
The advantages presented by the VIP tour package make it hard for you to consider any other package. From the excellent treatment to the sampling of more attractions in the park, you will have a much better experience.
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